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Industrial-Style Kitchens

A Place to Live and Work

The kitchen is the most important room in the house. It can be cosy, homely, comforting. However it is also required to do a lot of work! Between cooking, washing, eating, childcare and sheer footfall, your kitchen can feel as much like a workspace as a place to relax in.

With all that labour being done, you’ll be needing a space that works as well for you as you do for it. Lean into the idea of a working kitchen, and try some industrial style fittings to make your kitchen’s form match its function.

Industrial Elements, Domestic Setting

Just a few key elements can make your kitchen feel like a serious, grown-up workspace. If you fancy yourself as a serious chef, or if you simply want a kitchen that is easy to use and to clean, then an industrial-styled kitchen might just be the thing to have in your home.

Think of a commercial kitchen in a domestic setting – you’re not aiming for homely or cute, but minimal, functional and sleek. Form equals function. Not much ornamentation or decoration, but good-looking and good-quality tools.

Here are some quick tips to help create the perfect industrial-style kitchen space in your home –

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Neutral Colours

If the tone is “industrial”, then pastel colours and cute decorations are not needed here. The whole effect is to be workmanlike, unfussy, utilitarian. Work surfaces should be easy to clean and maintain, and everything you need should be accessible and at hand. Darker colours, stainless steel and chrome are your friends when aiming for this look.

Natural materials can still be your friend – wood surfaces or doors can look great, but again utility is king – keep them undecorated and easy to clean. Similarly, a granite or stone counter looks amazing (if your budget stretches…), but remember you’re looking for clean lines and no flourishes wasted.

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Open Shelving

Having your pots, pans and utensils on show used to be considered messy, but in an industrial-style kitchen it suits the look perfectly. Leaving your cooking equipment open to the room allows you easy access to the things you need, and makes your kitchen look stripped and ready for action. It also gives you the advantage of being able to see where everything is – no scrabbling around in darkened cupboards.

The flip side of this, however, is that you need cookware you’re happy to show off – high quality pots and pans, good knives and a good standard of crockery is not only useful, it’s essential to the finish if they’re visible all the time, underlining your credentials as a serious cook.

Overhead Racks & Hooks

Hooks and brackets keep the most frequently used utensils in close proximity, ready for a quick-thinking hand to grab. Spatulas, tongs, fish slices – when you need them quickly, they’re right where you need them. An important tip – make sure they’re away from any thoroughfares, or keep them well above head height – no one likes to hit their head when they’re in a hurry!

Wood & Stainless Steel Counters

In keeping with the utilitarianism of the rest of your kitchen, you want counters that are simple, easy to keep clean, are functional and beautiful, and last for a long time without needing a replacement. Wood, stainless steel or even stone worktops can all work beautifully in this context – clean lines, minimal fuss and allowances ready-made for any spillages or accidents. This is where the industrial can meet the domestic – any family household needs to be prepared for mess, and having a low-maintenance kitchen makes this all the easier!

Harmonious Hardware

Even with all this open space, you’ll still need cupboards to stow things. For example, it’s a good idea to keep food sealed away, well apart from the attention of pests. Using utilitarian hardware, for example stainless steel or chrome handles, is not only very practical, it also contributes greatly to the look. Something solid and hard-wearing not only looks the part, it contributes to the overall aesthetic of an industrial-style kitchen; remember, form IS function!

Getting the details right is the heart of our business. If you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch to your new kitchen, have a look at our huge range of high-quality kitchen fittings. Whatever style you’re aiming for, we can ensure you have a spectacular final flourish on your perfect kitchen.

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