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At French Furniture Fittings, we believe that your cabinet handles and knobs, like jewelry, provide the perfect finishing touch to your kitchens and furniture. Hence our catchphrase, ‘Small details – big difference’. Too often, a beautiful new kitchen is spoiled by a careless choice of handle.  Or your child’s chest of drawers can be so enhanced by a simple addition of an animal-themed knob, your furniture can so easily be made more beautiful. We have spent years scouring the planet for manufacturers of excellent products, following the trends, and checking for quality – so you won’t have to. If it isn’t of good quality, beautiful and interesting, we won’t stock it.

There are too many companies out there that just stock any handle they can get their hands on, leaving you the customer swamped by the choices on offer. By filtering out the sub-standard and plain distasteful looking handles and knobs, we leave you with a selection that is bound to impress.

Our handles are generally of industry-standard-sizes, that is to say that the distances between the fixing holes are 76mm, 96mm, 128mm, 160mm and so on. This means that if you fancy switching out your cabinet door-furniture for an fff handle, it should be very simple.

French Furniture Fittings
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