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Small Details, Big Difference

Here at French Furniture Fittings, we really believe that small details like that perfect knob for your kitchen or handle for your child’s chest of drawers provide the perfect finishing touch to your home. Shop our range today and find your perfect piece.

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French Furniture Fittings

There’s an ethos we swear by at French Furniture Fittings…

‘Small Details – Big Difference’

Just in the same way a piece of jewelry gives an outfit a finishing touch, so does a cabinet or handle to a kitchen. Too often we at French Furniture Fittings see a beautiful cabinet spoiled by dull lifeless handles or a charming bedroom cupboard ruined by a lackluster knob – when it comes to adding the final touches to a room, people look in all the wrong places.

We’ve spent years scouring the globe for the best products, following the latest trends to ensure our quality is a cut above the rest… if it’s not beautiful or interesting, we won’t stock it.

French Furniture Fittings supply handles in all the industry standard sizes so all you have to do is pick a design and see your home transformed.

French Furniture Fittings