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Why A Kitchen Respray Could Be Better Than A Refit

Refresh, Don’t Replace

The kitchen is perhaps the room in the house that gets the most use. Not only that, it probably suffers the most misuse too; pets, small children, hot surfaces, steam, delicious cooking sauces, hot fat – all these can take their toll on your once pristine fitted kitchen.

A full kitchen refit, while being the thing that every homeowner dreams of, can be costly, and it’s simply not realistic to do this very often. However it’s not feasible to leave stained, ageing or worn units in place to decay further. So what to do?

All it takes is a lick of paint! A kitchen respray may be exactly what your home needs to get a whole new finish and atmosphere.

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Enliven Your Workspace

While getting your kitchen resprayed does have a cost, it will absolutely have a lower price tag than a refit. A proper professional respray will look every bit as good as a new unit, and gives you plenty of options regarding colour and overall effect.

What’s more, it can often be a guilty feeling, getting rid of perfectly good furniture just because it’s a bit worn. Fixing what you have, refinishing something that is otherwise sound and good quality, can be a much more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way of proceeding.

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Get the Details Right

Just because you can paint your units neon highlighter pink doesn’t mean you should. You want your house to feel harmonious, and your kitchen to feel like both a workspace and a place to relax. It’s the heart of the house after all!

New hardware can provide the perfect finishing touch to your resprayed kitchen units, giving the whole room the harmony and class it needs. Whether you’re looking for sleek and modern, vintage and opulent, or kitsch and classic, we’ll have something to make your dream kitchen a reality.

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Give Your Imagination Some Space

Respraying your units gives you a chance to flex your interior design skills. More than just a coat of paint, you’re refiguring your room to your taste, and refreshing your whole home in the process! Whether you live in a spacious detached house, or a small flat where every square inch counts, your kitchen is always a great place to start. You can imbue your whole living space with a bit of soul and personality – depending on your choice of unit, colour and fittings, you may find you have a kitchen that is entirely unique.

So have a think about respraying, rather than replacing your kitchen units, and find a cost-effective way of getting a whole new kitchen, and of giving your living space that long-awaited makeover.

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