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the hottest cabinet handle trends
of 2021

Why You Should Follow The Cabinet Handle Trends of 2021

So you’re planning a budget friendly refresh and looking for simple ways to accentuate your space. Cabinet handles are the best way to spice up your interior this 2021. They are like the jewellery to your outfit, the earrings or necklace that truly make or break your outfit. Similarly, choosing the perfect cabinet handles, can take your living area from bland and basic to exquisite and elegant. If you don’t start looking until the last minute, then you might find it a little stressful as there are what seems to be an unlimited number of choices – particularly when it comes to kitchen interiors. 

Here at French Furniture Fittings we have put together some of the most beautiful and popular interior combinations for your cabinet handles; making the decision on a stunning design,  simple and effortless. Getting to grips with the perfect handles for your interior couldn’t be easier.

Read on for the latest on cabinet handle trends…

Modern Handles Updates – Matte Black Handles or Polished Chrome

If you’re a lover of clean and sleek styled kitchens then adding matte black cabinet handle hardware to your design is a perfect combination. While there are a lot of brass and gold handles on most cabinets today, matte black hardware remains a steady classic for a young professional who loves an immaculate, minimalist design. Matte black hardware gives a homey style with an English Tudor feel. Image in your kitchen, matte black hardware handle accents, a matte black tap and maybe even a beautifully designed matte black undermounted sink to compliment a white and grey marble countertop, finished with white or black splashbacks. Could you get any more refined than this?

This design element fits perfectly with the japanese minimalist movement – the simple art where less is definitely more. For inspiration, check out our collections such as our malvern handles or malvern knobs to add the opulent matte black finish you’re looking for. The beauty of the malvern knobs is that they come in a variety of different finishes; giving plenty of options for an indecisive, yet style conscious interior designer. 

Alternatively, swapping your old cabinet handles with new and shiny polished chrome handles help to add the classic and chic updates that your living area or kitchen so desperately needs. A contemporary style that gives a polished finish. Again, this style contributes to the minimalist Japandi look and Scandinavian aesthetic. More so, using the Monmouth Cup Handle or the Monmouth Pull Handle from our Door Handle collections will give you a beautiful finish, exhubing a polished and a state-of-the-art composition. 

Cottage Core Styled Interiors – Mismatched and Ceramic Door Knobs 

A popular interior trend that has taken 2021 by storm is the cottage core and granny chic aesthetic. It pulls inspiration from the 1920s and 1930s, with an eclectic mix where old meets new. The cottage core interior also can be named Grandmillennial as this is an antidote to the modern minimalist interiors of simple sleek all-white spaces. This design allows the homeowner to flaunt their unique personality and style with mismatched and eccentric furnishings, adding ceramic knobs to this will truly create a country bumpkin touch to your home. Our Grey Daisy Ceramic Knobs are ideal for up-cycling projects, brightening up your space the hand-made and hand-painted uniquely charming ceramic knobs. 

These Grey Daisy Ceramic Knobs have the ability to convert an old chest of drawers into a beautiful eye-catching piece of furniture to follow the cottage core trend. This could take you all of around 10 minutes – the time it takes to swap over a set of knobs! If you’re looking for something a little more retro and more shape, the Grey Pumpkin Ceramic Knobs compliment any shabby-chic or cottage core style interior. This design would compliment a shaker style kitchen or even your lovely little dressing room drawers or wardrobe. These knobs will help add an extra design element to your home in a simple and effective way.

To follow the cottage core or shabby chic trend, it’s important to ensure you purchase cabinet knobs over cupboard handles as this will help accentuate the overall aesthetic and contribute to an enchanting design for your next up-cycling project. 

Why You Should Change Your Cupboard Handles For Your Next Interior Design Venture?

It can be difficult to get a handle on what design interior to follow within your home. However, starting with the little touches such as cabinet handles or ceramic knobs is a fantastic place to start. This will make such a big difference even though it’s such a little change to your home; you’ll be wondering why you didn’t change your cupboard handles sooner.

If you’re considering changing your handles then take a look at our recent blog on How To Measure What Size Handles You Need to ensure that you never purchase the wrong sized handles. But, don’t worry if you do or you want a change and the centre-to-centre distance is different – you can find out all about this in the blog mentioned above. As well as this, this blog will also determine whether you would prefer to use door knobs or door handles, based upon the interior aesthetic you choose.

To help you discover the perfect design for your home interiors, do not hesitate to call French Furniture Fittings on 01380 590690 or email us at We will endeavor to take your cupboard handle trends from bland and basic to exquisite and elegant. 

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