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how to measure what size
cabinet handles you need

Apr 30, 2021 | Cabinet Handles, How To Guides

Fitting cabinet handles and knobs is an essential finishing touch to cabinet furniture. The positioning of the handles can really make a difference to the final look, however, there are no set rules as to specifically where they should go. So, It’s a case of – if it looks in the right place, then it normally is! It is completely a matter of personal choice.

If you’re wanting your living space to have a fresh new look but can’t commit to a full redesign, there is no better choice than to replace your handles or knobs to create an innovative interior without it costing a small fortune. For a kitchen specifically, be sure to check out French Furniture Fittings matching cabinet door handle collections to suit all tastes and budgets. 

Buying Cupboard Knobs, Hooks and Handles

When it comes to your cabinet and drawer furniture, ensure you take plenty of time to choose the specific style that you’re looking for. Picking the correct design for you, can really complete the overall finish of your interior. At French Furniture Fittings we have plenty of collections that will let your creativity take flight and design your living space exactly how you want it. 

What to Choose: Door Knobs or Handles?

Looking at the practicalities when opening doors and cupboards is an important part before you dive into the aesthetic in which you choose. 

A drawer knob needs a sturdy grip. Some are larger so you can get your fingers behind them, thus giving you enough leverage to pull the cabinet or drawer open. Smaller door knobs are slightly different as they are tinier and require a good finger grip. 

Consider yourself this, particularly when you are in the kitchen; would it be a regular occurrence that you attempt to open a door or drawer when your hands are wet and smothered in washing up liquid? If this happens frequently, maybe small door knobs may not be the answer to your kitchen cabinetry. You need something that provides much better leverage and grip.

If you follow a continuous interior aesthetic throughout your home, then this may be a determining factor when choosing your door knobs and cabinet handles. More specifically, you’re not going to be choosing metal cabinet knobs for your country cottage style kitchen but you may choose this design for a more modern and contemporary look. If you require a cabinet handle or knob for your country kitchen, then our ceramic knobs will give you the shabby chic style you are looking for.  

How to Measure Cabinet Handles?

Cabinet handles are strong and durable that help to diffuse the weight across a larger area. Therefore, they are perfect for heavier doors and drawers and make them easier to open. It is also necessary to get to grips with the terminology when looking into product descriptions. 

  • Centre-to-Centre: The distance from the centre of one screw insertion point to another
  • Overall Length: The distance from one end of the handle to the other. This should always be longer than the Centre-to-Centre measurement
  • Projection: How far the handle projects out from the the surface after it is installed

What To Do If The Centre-to-Centre Distance is Different From Your New Handles 

If you’re replacing your cabinet handles and have pre-drilled holes in your door or drawer, it is crucial to purchase new handles that have the same centre-to-centre distance as your old handles. Don’t worry if you find handles with a different centre-to-centre sizing, as you can always fill the old holes with putty or wood filler, sand it down, and then repaint the drawer. From this, you can drill new holes the correct distance apart for the new handles. 

How To Measure The Projection of the Handle?

The larger the projection, the more room you have for your hands to fit between the pull handle and cabinet. Consider how comfortably you want your hand to fit inside the handle projection and whether this will meet your needs. 

To determine an ideal projection for your cabinet handle, open your drawers or doors to see how close they open out towards each other and surrounding objects. If they are considerably close together, you may want to consider a small cabinet handle to reduce the potential risk for damage from swinging impact. 

To accurately measure the door handle you will be required to find the ‘fixing screws’ on the inside of the door or cabinet. 

  1. Firstly, measure the distance between the two screws from the central point of each screw. This will give you the Centre-to-Centre point, which is the measurement needed when buying your new handles. To help with this, we have the dimensions between fittings listed underneath each handle or knob design; making it as easy as possible to select the correct sized handle.
  2. After this, measure the overall length and projection of your current handle to ensure the new one has a similar sizing. We’ve listed these measurements for all our products in the overall dimensions section (length x width x protrusion), helping you to select the handle right for you. 
  3. Finally, Simply select the cabinet handle you require on the French Furniture Fittings website and you’re all set! 

Still Need Additional Help Choosing Your Door Handle?

At French Furniture Fittings, we’ve had a handle on the industry since 1995. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff would love the opportunity to discuss your door handle options further. If you’re still not certain as to which handle you may need, feel free to give us a call on 01380 590 690 where we’d be more than happy to help. The smallest details can create the biggest difference!

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