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3 reasons to choose brass
kitchen handles

Are you searching for the perfect hardware for your kitchen? If you’re undecided as to what finish handles to place in your kitchen, here’s 3 reasons why the design experts at French Furniture fitting believe brass is perfect…

The top 3 reasons for choosing brass kitchen handles 

  1. Style
  2. Versatile
  3. Timeless

    Although, this is more of an opinion than necessarily a reason for choosing brass handles. They are a classy design that goes with many kitchen designs – both neutral and bold colours alike. The brass colouring has a very English feel to it that you just can’t achieve with other metals. Whether you choose antique brass or polished brass they are classic, elegant and beautiful, making them the perfect choice for your kitchen cabinetry. 


    A brass finish is such a versatile colour. It works perfectly in combination with any marble or wooden surfaces within your kitchen; suiting both a neutral kitchen yet, also a bold deep green or blue styled design – fresh and light to dark and moody. The most popular design by a mile has to be the Calgary cup handles or the Calgary Knobs. They both work beautifully on their own and effortlessly in combination to achieve a sleek and stylised design. 


    Are you wanting an everlasting look? Brass cabinet handles will achieve this. For a look that won’t just look good now, but will still look stunning in 10 years time – a brass finish for your kitchen handles is a must.   

    If you’re a little worried you’ll be put off your choice of dark cabinetry in the future, don’t be! The timeless brass handle aesthetic will work stunningly with a neutral kitchen if you wish to change the cabinetry. Our Layon Cabinet Handles in Matt Brushed Brass finish could be the perfect choice for your kitchen. 

    Browse our collections, to find the perfect cabinet handles for your kitchen.  

    Choosing brass handles for your Kitchen 

    So, there you have it! French Furniture Fittings have listed the 3 fabulous reasons why a bold brass finish is the perfect hardware choice that will truly stand the test of time.  

    Our main process when selecting the products that we sell is the following three simple principles: quality manufacturing, aesthetic beauty and value for money. Very simply, beautiful and durable products at a sensible price. 

    If you are wanting to invest in some quality hardware for your kitchen, then French Furniture Fittings can provide you with the perfect brass cabinet handles – contact us today!

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