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some good reasons to buy with
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Meet Joe…

If you are thinking about buying handles and knobs for a kitchen refit, or a similar project in your home, there are several reasons why we think you should consider buying from French Furniture Fittings…


Customer Service

We are people! As a small family owned and run business, we always give you a personal response. If you have any queries you can call us and, believe it or not, a human will answer the phone! No option one for this, option two for that! Similarly, we always aim to answer any queries by email straight away, and certainly within 24 hours. Just read our reviews on the website; this is something that our customers often rave about.

Small enough to care, big enough to cope…

Although we are a family business, we are not operating out of a garden shed in the back garden. We have our office and warehouse in Devizes, Wiltshire, where we stock every item that is listed on the website. Many competitors let you go ahead and place your order, before eventually letting you know that there will be a two-month delay! We will never do this.

Great Value

Our own brand products (French Furniture Fittings) are bought in bulk from various manufacturers and then sold directly to you, the retail customer. Normally there would be at least one more middleman in this process which would inevitably push up the prices substantially. We pass on those savings to you.

Aesthetic beauty combined with quality

Sometimes less is more. We have always steered clear of stocking every product out there.  In short, if it isn’t of good quality and beautiful or interesting, we won’t stock it.

We aim to supply handles and knobs that are of high quality, but at the same time not excessively expensive. Consider it as though we have done the research for you. None of our products are cheap and nasty, yet none of our products will require you to remortgage the house!

If this has not persuaded you, please just take a look at our reviews. We are humbled by the kind feedback that our customers regularly leave.

As fellow humans, we try to make our business exactly the kind of business that we would like to deal with ourselves.

Visit and see for yourself!

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