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why you should choose art deco
for your home interior

What is Art Deco?

Think bold, strong colours and delineated geometric shapes.

Art Deco is decorative and architectural arts style prevalent from the 1920s and 1930s in a time when people were coming out of World War One. People were thinking about their future and had the money to spend. This Art Deco movement captivated people as it grew out of a desire to be rid of the past and embrace the future.

Art Deco represents lavish and luxurious style. Designer lamps, crystal, marble and expensive furniture are all effective statement pieces for this current trend. To date, Art Deco remains a firm favourite for a classic, contemporary design.

French Furniture Fittings feature many Art Deco handles, knobs and pulls – so you can make all those little changes and create such a big difference to your home.


How to Bring Art Deco Into Your Home Interior 

Combining Art Deco with Classic Elements 

Using a luxurious Art Deco style harmoniously combined with a combination of other elegant, timeless and gorgeous interiors, such as modern and classic can have a remarkable effect on an interior. By carefully combining different elements from multiple styles you can have an eclectic Art Deco interior that’s bound to wow guests.

The Art Deco Colour Palette 

Delicate and noble shades such as grey, beige and brown are classic palette choices for an Art Deco style. Bright elements and embellishments are typical of this design, but not always necessary to complete the look. Due to the abundance of textures, Art Deco does not always require additional features. However, a common detailing element for Art Deco is Gold because of its rich and elegant features.

Luxurious Gold Detailing 

To accentuate, gold is often used in combination with the Art Deco style, while remaining a vital part of an emphasized and upscale decor. The colour gold exudes luxury and elegance. The simple detailing of gold decorative features brings not only warmth and comfort into the interior, but simple solemn luxury.

Using gold tones in your Living Room or Kitchen is the perfect homage to the 1920s and 1930s. Art Deco Kitchen Cabinet Handles will make the perfect contemporary feature to suit modern interiors. These Art Deco cabinet handles are perfect in our antique brass finish and complement deep and dark painted cabinetry as well as more neutral palettes.They can be fitted in both landscape and portrait positions – making them a perfect fit for a classic pull out cabinets.

The Shape of the Handles for your Art Deco Features 

A key takeaway when designing your Art Deco styled home is choosing the correct detailing, shapes and contours for your interior.

Every aspiring interior designer knows that in order to enhance the stylistic features in your home you should keep the hardware finish the same, this doesn’t mean that the handle shapes can’t be changed however.

Take part in this fast growing trend with the Art Deco Square Cup Handle for pull drawers and the Art Deco Square Kitchen Knobs for your cabinets in a polished chrome. Selecting the same finish would complement the other designs in your home and provide you with a cohesive interior.

Remember … It’s the smallest details that make the biggest difference!

Take a look at our most recent blog with 3 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Cabinet Handles, so you know exactly what handles, knobs and pulls to choose for your Art Deco interior.

For a completed Art Deco theme in your home, shop at French Furniture Fittings for all your Handles, Knobs and Pulls today!

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