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the 4 interior design secrets you need
to know

Jun 30, 2021 | How To Guides, Interior Trends

The 4 Best Interior Design Trends Our Experts At French Furniture Fittings Are Following:

  1. Determine how you want your room to feel
  2. Decide the colour palette you want to follow
  3. Incorporate layers and textures to add comfort
  4. Use dark cabinetry in your kitchen 

When looking for interior design tips and tricks, it can be difficult to know exactly what works in your home. You’ll be sure to wow guests at your next dinner party by following our 4 best interior design secrets.

To achieve a streamlined and cohesive interior within your home, we’ve put together our interior secrets we think everyone should know. French Furniture Fittings know how difficult it can be to decorate your home when you may be lacking a little inspiration. So, following these 4 interior design secrets will make your next home renovation project a little easier and a lot more enjoyable. 

How Do You Want Your Room to Feel? 

This would be the initial starting point for any budding interior designer. It’s important to establish how you want your room to feel before you start to decorate your home.

Are you going for a look that’s fresh, relaxed, elegant, contemporary, classic or lived-in?

It may sound strange, but determining the feel for your room will allow for a much easier and enjoyable process when choosing the interior design for your desired look. 

Decide the Colour Palette You Want to Follow

A great starting point that all budding interior designers should know is deciding on a colour palette. Particularly when incorporating old and new, lots of interesting features and embellishments can be included. Whether that’s clashing your colours and florals or going for a  more neutral hue to allow your showpieces to shine. 

This is a deciding factor as it is so important to make sure whatever colour palette you select, creates an added impact. 

Incorporate Layers and Texture to Add Comfort 

Using your family heirlooms, worn and aged pieces can be a lovely addition to your home. Too much hand me down furniture and it gives the impression of a junk shop rather than the elegant look you’re trying to achieve. 

Mixing old and new pieces together with silky and smooth surfaces creates the ultimate contrast. On the worn and aged pieces, a simple upcycling hack would be to swap out the old cabinet handles and replace them with shabby chic styled old but new cabinet knobs from the Romeo Martini Collection

Many interior designers like to mix something shiny with something a little rustic; therefore, both the polished chrome knobs and the deep antique brass knobs would look fabulous incorporated onto your dresser. 

Achieving these subtle changes on top of incorporating natural textures such as faux-fur and leather create a much more relaxed feel. Layering cosy throws and textured cushions achieve a beautiful ambience and bring your vision to life. 

Dark Cabinetry In Your Kitchen 

A trend for bold, dark hues in kitchens is a prominent feature evident throughout 2021 so far. Midnight blue and emerald kitchens are featured heavily in updated kitchens. Many have chosen this for a sophisticated, yet dramatic colour palette. These shades stand out even more when paired with light worktops and silver or brass accents. 

For your midnight blue cabinetry, why not try the Monmouth cup handle in a silver polish chrome finish. This silver, shiny finish is a stark contrast with the dark blue cabinetry, generating a beautiful composition between both light and dark. If cup handles aren’t really your thing then incorporate the Athena knob or bath bridge kitchen cabinet handle to look just as good – if not better! 

In contrast, using brass cabinet handles in your emerald kitchen with a white marbled top and gold embellishments will really make an impact. Athena handles in a deep antique brass finish throughout will give a streamlined look and create the perfect accompaniment. Deep forest greens can be balanced out with gold brassy shades, smoky glass and soft metallics to bring opulence to the kitchen. 

Take a trip to the dark side and invest in this stunning cabinetry for your kitchen. 

Why You Should Follow These Interior Design Secrets?

Decorating your home is no easy task, so make sure you follow these 4 simple secrets to get the most out of your space and show your creative flair. For more information about the simple embellishments, you can use in your interior design, contact French Furnish Fittings on 01380 590 690.

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