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Farmhouse Style Tips & Tricks: how to create the perfect farmhouse kitchen

One of the most comforting styles, the farmhouse kitchen brings a cosy and welcoming touch to any home. This style is made for socialising, with plenty of space and the traditional blending perfectly with the modern. It’s definitely a style that is sure to stick around.

What is a farmhouse kitchen?

The farmhouse kitchen combines classic shaker-style elements with a soft colour palette and mixed materials to create the perfect zone to cook and socialise. Both traditional and modern items are at home in the farmhouse kitchen, and it’s an aesthetic that can look good in all kinds of homes.

History of the farmhouse kitchen

The farmhouse style originates from Germany and Scandinavia, where many farmhouses were built to house farmhands. It made its way to America in the 1700s and the style is now celebrated as an important piece of US culture. 

Though the style has drifted away from the countryside and into more urban areas, the style still maintains a classic cosy charm that is hard to beat.

Staples of the farmhouse kitchen

  • An apron sink – when you think of a farmhouse kitchen, this is probably the first thing you picture. Displaying an exposed porcelain front, this style of sink is both versatile and essential to creating the perfect farmhouse kitchen.
  • A kitchen island – farmhouse kitchens are designed with socialising in mind, and nothing creates a warm and friendly atmosphere than a kitchen island for people to gather around. As well as creating a beautiful aesthetic, you’ll also benefit from extra work and storage space!
  • Contrast countertops – dark wood countertops offer a gorgeous contrast from the light neutral colours traditionally used for the cabinets. This is a wonderful way to add interest and depth to the room.

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What materials are used in a farmhouse kitchen?

One of the most recognisable features of the farmhouse style is its exposed natural wood. Common woods include oak, cherry, maple and walnut. Mixed materials, such as wicker and metal, add great dimension to the room.

To create the perfect finishing touch, you’ll need the perfect cupboard door knobs and handles. Darker metals, such as antique brass or American copper are ideal to contract the neutral tones of a classic farmhouse kitchen. The Paris collection or the Bordeaux collection would add a touch of elegance to the cabinets without taking away from the classic charm.

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Colour palette for a farmhouse kitchen

It’s traditional for a farmhouse kitchen to feature warm neutrals, but the lack of uniformity within the style means that almost any colour scheme can work. Light colours such as cream, are ideal for making the room feel brighter and more open than it actually is. A darker shade, such as sage or olive green or navy creates a beautiful contrast and adds depth.

The finishing touches

There’s nothing like some gorgeous finishing touches to really bring a kitchen to life. Consider getting a rolling cart or some orchard-style wooden boxes for some handy storage. A wooden spice rack is also a great way to add a little bit of rustic charm.

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