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The Fish Knob

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he Fish Knob – From the MKN Range of Panel Beaten Brass and Copper Cabinet Knobs

The Fish Knob In Turquoise is a must-have for anyone looking to instil a vintage wow-factor into their home. The knob is beaten into shape with its stunning pattern and is then stained in a rich turquoise colouring.

The Fish Knob in Turquoise is part of the MKN Range and is perfect for up-cycling dull interiors with a distinctly traditional feel. What makes the design truly special however is the centuries-old technique used to beat it into shape, the end result is a timeless look of sophistication that’s bound to mesmerise guests and enhance any cabinet or cupboard.

The knobs come with a 4.5mm screw fixed into the back of the body of the knob. This is adjustable in length by loosening the locking nut and either screwing the shaft in, or out,of the knob. This is not a difficult procedure.

The knobs, by the nature of being panel beaten, are hollow and light. Please don’t be disappointed by this, it is simply how they have to be when made in this fashion. That said, we have seen flimsier copies on the market where a lower grade material has been used. We have sold thousands of these knobs and, by and large, our customers absolutely love them, however one or two have been disgruntled by the fact that they are hollow, so please take note.

These cabinet knobs are a French Furniture Fittings brand product. It is advisable to select your knobs and handles all from the same brand as finishes may vary slightly across brands. Additionally, our collections offer you handles and knobs that were designed to go together. Often, they will have design characteristics and details that run through the various items within the collection.

French Furniture Fittings is a family run, company based in Wiltshire, UK. We originally only supplied French, hand-made handles and knobs (hence the name). We have since branched out to include representation of British companies such as Crofts & Assinder and Heritage Brass. Our main criteria in choosing our selection are aesthetic beauty, quality manufacturing and good value – or more simply put, beautiful and durable products at a sensible price.

Remember, if this knob does not meet your requirements you can browse our full range of kitchen and general furniture metal cabinet knobs.

Tech Specs:  The Fish Knob - From the MKN Range of Panel Beaten Brass and Copper Cabinet Knobs

Dimensions (mm):

Dimensions between fixings: N/A
Overall dimensions: Diameter 38mm, Protrusion 28mm
Material: Brass
Finishes available: Brass - Black - Grey - White - Turquoise
Brand: French Furniture Fittings
Item description: Kitchen knob, wardrobe knob, drawer knob, kitchen cabinet knob, kitchen cupboard knob, cupboard door knob, pull knob, up-cycling knobs, decorative knobs.


Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 3.8 × 3.8 × 2.8 cm

Diameter 36mm

Delivery Time

2 to 5 Working Days


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Black, Grey, White, Turquoise