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What looks better of kitchen cabinets – pull handles or knobs?

May 30, 2024 | Cabinet Handles

When redesigning a kitchen every detail can count and few elements connect the room together quite like the choice of cabinet hardware. The kitchen knobs and pull handles you choose can significantly influence the look, which makes selecting the right style and colour an essential part of kitchen design.

At French Furniture Fittings we understand that details make interior design and that’s why we offer a diverse range of stylish kitchen knobs and handles. Below we explore the latest trends in kitchen cabinet hardware so you can make the best decision.

What kitchen cabinet handles are in style?

Today’s kitchen handle design trends lean towards both great aesthetics and robust materials that modern lifestyles demand. Here’s an overview of some of the popular handle styles currently making waves in kitchen design:


Minimalism continues to dominate kitchen design, with homeowners often choosing sleek hardware. Minimalist pull handles embody simplicity and sophistication, with our collection including kitchen pull handles in a range of finishes.


Industrial style handles are gaining popularity for those who prefer more statement making handles or knobs. These are typically darker in colour and include matte finishes which provide a clear contrast to lighter coloured furniture and seamlessly go with darker furniture. Our range includes rugged pull handles and knobs that add character to any kitchen.


There’s a renewed interest in vintage kitchen features. From ornate knobs to handles including intricate designs and vintage cabinet hardware that bring a sense of warmth to your kitchen. On our website you’ll find options including antique brass or copper handles that bring a classic charm to your cabinets.

Are handles or knobs more modern?

While both options can be styled to meet most tastes, their impact on the overall design of a kitchen can differ. Below we look at how knobs and handles can impact modern kitchen design.

Pull handles are sleek and streamlined

Kitchen pull handles are often associated with contemporary kitchen design due to their clean lines and sleek appearance. They work well in minimalist kitchens and tend to provide a good grip, which makes them practical for larger cupboards or drawers that may require extra force to open.

Recommended product: Have a look at the T-Bar Kitchen Cabinet Handle. It’s smooth finish provides an ideal contemporary look without overwhelming the cabinet or drawer itself.

Knobs are subtle and sophisticated

Knobs can provide a modern look but tend to bring more of a traditional feel. However, interesting shapes and matte finishes can perfectly complement modern kitchen design. Knobs are particularly used in areas where an uncluttered or less dominant hardware is desired.

Recommended product: The Brecon Kitchen Door Knob provides a simple yet bold design that would fit seamlessly into any modern interior design.

What colour should knobs and handles be?

Choosing the right colour for your kitchen knobs and handles isn’t just about simply matching the décor, it’s about creating an appealing look that complements the overall kitchen design. The colour and finish can also impact on the functionality of your kitchen hardware.

Below we explore current colour and finish trends:

Stainless steel and chrome

These finishes have been among the most popular options due to their versatility and modern appearance. They can also brighten up any kitchen space due to their ability to reflect light and will fit in virtually any colour scheme, especially modern designs.

Matte black

Matt black provides a bold contrast to most kitchen designs, and make a real statement. The colour adds real depth without overwhelming the cabinets and drawers. Matte finishes are also great at hiding fingerprints or greasy smudges that can easily occur in working kitchens.

Brass and gold

Warm metals such as brass and gold are currently proving very popular. They bring both warmth and luxury to any kitchen. Perfect for adding elegance to both modern and traditional kitchen settings.

Should you mix pull handles and knobs in a kitchen?

This approach can be effective but it requires thought to achieve a cohesive look. Mixing them breaks away from the usual choice of having a single type of hardware throughout a kitchen. The variety can creative focal points to the design or create patterns that enhances the kitchen layout.

However, to ensure your kitchen doesn’t feel disjointed, we advise keeping the colour and finish consistent.

To execute a mix successfully you should consider choosing hardware that is proportion to the kitchen units – so consider using knobs on smaller drawers or narrow doors.

To summarise…

Choosing between pull handles or knobs for your kitchen involves more than just thoughts on how they look. You need to consider functionality, style and of course your own personal preference. They both bring their own benefits and can have a big impact on the look of your kitchen.

With the right hardware from French Furniture Fittings, your kitchen can achieve both practicality and design perfection, making it a truly inviting and efficient space.

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