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Vintage & Luxurious

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Vintage Handles for a Premium Finish

It may sound counterintuitive; use worn finishes for a luxury finish. But trust us – the combination of sleek, modern surfaces and vintage-inspired handles gives you a finish to die for. 


Blend Minimalism with Decorative Touches

Keeping your kitchen clear of clutter and having a place for everything makes your kitchen’s finish all the better. “Simple” needn’t be read as “austere” though – you can satisfy your eye for detail as well as showing restraint. Our range of handles gives you just the right amount of decoration while achieving that glorious Scandi-inspired effect. Have a look at our range to find something just to your taste.

Layon Cabinet Handles and Knobs Collection (Custom)

Reverse the Trend at Will

There’s more than one way to skin a kitchen! If vintage handles and minimal worktops aren’t going to work for your space, try it the other way around. Sleek modern handles on classic-styled furniture can look magnificent. A word to the wise though – you will need to pick with some care. Think about colour, sizing and ensure that there is a logic to it. Mismatched is fine, but make sure at least looks deliberate…

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Quality Materials for Durability

Pretty and decorative is fine, but a kitchen is a working environment. Your kitchenware needs to work as hard as you do. Thankfully, all of our kitchen accessories are built to last and made of high-quality materials. The last thing you need is for something crucial to fail on you when you need it most, and all of our fittings are both strong and beautiful. 

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Refine Your Workflow

Let form follow function and make sure your kitchen is easy to work with. Cooking should be fun as well as necessary, and if you’re going to do it everyday, you don’t want it to feel like a chore. 


Everything in its place –

When you reach for something, you want it to be there. Make sure that everything has a solid place where it should be, so you know where to find it. While it’s a pain to wash it up and put it away, it’s far more of a pain to have it sitting dirty on the side when you need it!

Keep surfaces clear –

Nothing puts the human brain on edge more than clutter. It gets in the way, gives dirt a place to hide and totally messes up the vibe you’ve worked so hard to create. Find a place to put it away, at the very least out of your eye line, and you’ll keep your kitchen that bit happier.

Don’t sweat the small stuff – 

This is not a showhome or a magazine shoot. This is your house and where you feed your family. So while we may be focusing on design, remember that by its nature it will not look perfect forever! The important thing is that it’s a place you want to be, where you’re happy working and creating, and that any design concern follows what you feel you need.

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If you’re planning to refresh the design of your kitchen, have a look at our range of high-quality fittings here, to find your perfect match.

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