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Bordeaux Cup Handle with Rectangular Backplate


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Bordeaux Cup Handle with Rectangular Backplate

The Bordeaux Cup Handle with Rectangular Backplate, available in Antique Iron, Antique Pewter, Copper, Deep Antique Brass, Polished Chrome finishes, is a variation on a classic design. While many kitchen designers are choosing cup handles with back-plates, many of our customers were looking for something with slimmer back-plates than usual, so as to offer a more streamline and subtler look.

This kitchen handle, from the Bordeaux Collection, is easily attached to new furniture, or can be used to replace unwanted handles, all necessary screws are provided. It has a blemish free finish and will arrive in excellent condition, with great after-sales service provided should you need it.

The Bordeaux Cup Handle With Rectangular Back-plate is a French Furniture Fittings brand product. It is advisable to select your knobs and handles all from the same brand as finishes may vary slightly across brands, although this will not be the case for Polished Chrome Finish products. Additionally, our collections offer you handles and knobs that were designed to go together. Often, they will have design characteristics and details that run through the various items within the collection.

French Furniture Fittings is a family run, company based in Wiltshire, UK. We originally only supplied French, hand-made handles and knobs (hence the name). We have since branched out to include representation of British companies such as Crofts & Assinder and Heritage Brass. Our main criteria in choosing our selection are aesthetic beauty, quality manufacturing and value for money – or more simply put, beautiful and durable products at a sensible price.

Remember, if this handle does not meet your requirements you can browse our full range of kitchen and furniture cabinet handles here.

Tech Specs:  Bordeaux Cup Handle with Rectangular Backplate

Dimensions (mm):

Dimensions between fixings:76
Overall dimensions:

(Length x Width x Protrusion)

104 x 44 x 33
Finishes available:Antique Iron, Antique Pewter, Copper, Deep Antique Brass, Polished Chrome
Brand:French Furniture Fittings
Item description:Kitchen handle, wardrobe handle, drawer handle, kitchen cabinet handle, kitchen cupboard handle, cabin handle, bin handle, cupboard door handle, pull handle.


Additional information

Weight0.103 kg
Dimensions10.4 × 4.8 × 3.3 cm


Delivery Time

2 to 5 Working Days


French Furniture Fittings

French Furniture Fittings