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How to choose kichen cabinet handles

Jun 5, 2024 | Interior Trends

One of the most impactful but often overlooked aspect of kitchen design are the cabinet and drawer handles. Regardless of whether you’re looking to add some updates to your kitchen or designing a kitchen from scratch, the perfect handles are an important part of not only the look but the practical use.

Below we discuss the various types of kitchen handles to give you enough information to make an informed decision.

The different types of kitchen handles

Selecting the right type of kitchen handle is the crucial first step. Each handle type brings it’s own appeal and functional benefits. There is an array of handle types to suit various tastes and requirements.

Kitchen knobs

Knobs are compact and are usually round. They can be simple or have intricate designs, but look stylish and can come in a range of materials and finishes. All cabinet knobs are versatile and easy to install. They’re ideal for slim or small drawers and cabinet doors.

Pull handles

Pull handles offer a large grip area and are usually available in varying lengths and designs, from traditional designs, to sleek modern bars. Kitchen pull handles offer robustness and are an excellent choice for larger drawers and all cabinet types.

Cup handles

Cup handles provide a traditional and rustic appearance with their half moon shape. They’re particular easy to grasp and bring a touch of nostalgia. They usually preferred for drawers rather than cabinet doors, and are particularly ideal for heavy drawers that are packed with kitchen essentials.

Bar handles

Bar handles attach to the cabinet or drawer at 2 points and are usually straight bars but can be slightly curved. They’re a favourite in modern kitchen design due to their strong impact and minimalist appearance.

The role of handles in kitchen design

When considering handles for your new kitchen you should consider the big role they play in the overall look of your kitchen. The right choice will complement the style of your kitchen and elevate the look of the whole space.

Matching style and theme

Your handle choice should be at least partly be dictated by your overall kitchen design theme. A modern kitchen will likely feature minimalist handles like a slim bar that maintain a contemporary look. In contrast, a traditional kitchen might benefit from a vintage style cabinet knob or cup handle which add warmth and a sense of history.

Build visual impact

Using bold or contrasting handle colours or finishes can draw the eye. For instance, shiny brass or copper handles will stand out against darker cabinets and make a big impact.

Create unity and flow

Using the same handle style or handle colour throughout your kitchen will create unity and a clear flow. Every handle doesn’t have to be identical, but staying within the same design style will ensure consistency. Choosing different handles of the same material or finish can separate different areas whilst keeping the overall kitchen design aligned.

Enhance the beauty of cabinets

Detailed handles can complement intricate cabinet designs, whilst more simple handles are ideal for minimalist cabinets to highlight smooth lines without overwhelming the look and feel.

Functional considerations when choosing kitchen handles

Whilst appearance obviously plays a key role in the selection of kitchen handles, practical considerations should not be ignored.

Here’s some functional aspects to consider to help you choose the right kitchen handles.

Comfort of the handle

In a space that in as frequently used as the kitchen you want handles that are comfortable to grip and allow for effortless motion. Larger bar handles can be much easier to grab and provide a stronger grip.

Durability of the handle

Kitchen handles will be constantly used so durability should play an important role. Metals such as stainless steel and brass are popular choices for both their strength and resistance to wear and tear. Different finishes will also be more prone to showing finger marks or even scratching.

Installation of the handle

The ease of installation is another factor that can be overlooked. Some handles may be more complex to install and you might consider opting for a professional.

To summarise…

Choosing the right kitchen handle is a key design decision that can significantly impact both the look and functionality of your kitchen.

The best handle choices are those that balance beauty and usability, but also reflect your personal taste. At French Furniture Fittings, we are here to assist you with expert advice and a range that meets every design expectation.

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