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how to achieve your scandinavian style kitchen

Jul 15, 2021 | How To Guides, Interior Trends

A Brief History: The Sleek Scandinavian Style

Emerging from overseas in Norway, this composition emanates from a need for a simplistic, yet elegant design, truly encompassing rustic features and neutral tones. The beauty of a Scandinavian kitchen is its ability to provide a timeless and classic aesthetic within your home. With wooden worktops or subtle wooden features running throughout makes this style is a great design to incorporate into your kitchen.

Here at French Furniture Fittings, we believe what makes the Scandinavian aesthetic unique, is its ability to seamlessly incorporate itself with any styles that you may have in your home. 

Why are Scandinavian kitchens so popular?

Initially, when people think of a Scandinavian style the colour they think of would be white. The difficult winters that shaped this style really did dictate the colour schemes. The Scandinavian people wanted to move away from the dark and gloomy winters that engulfed their days and replace them with a bright, airy and cheerful aesthetic. In turn, a bright, light and white aesthetic are used to create a welcoming space and maximise the natural light. 

For many homes, white, contemporary kitchens are increasingly popular, so if you started to envision a Scandinavian style in your home, the switch can be easily achieved. 

Embellishments for your Scandinavian kitchen

Warm lighting, clean lines and soft wooden tones are key features of the Scandi style. A combination of ceramic knobs and cup cabinet handles adorned on your kitchen cabinetry will effortlessly achieve this look. 

To incorporate subtle hints to your Scandinavian style the Monmouth Collection has a mixture of cup handles, pull handles and knobs in a matt black, old iron or polished chrome finish. These kitchen handles create a bold, yet delicate hint of colour. Choosing a white or darker cabinet colour for your kitchen would perfectly suit these cabinet handles. 

Part of the Scandinavian aesthetic involves either going for white, wooden and rustic vibes or hints of ‘summery’ bold colours. For your summer colours why not try a pale powder blue or a gentle green? 

However, bold colours give an industrial and utility aesthetic while still in keeping with the Scandinavian aesthetic. Using dark colours in a creative way can highlight the architectural features within your kitchen and create visual contrast.  A darker kitchen in a deep navy on either your cabinets or island unit can create a beautiful focal point in an otherwise neutral space. These elements can be highlighted further using the Art Deco Collection with antique brass cabinet pulls.   

The overall Scandinavian style 

There are a variety of Scandinavian concepts, but the one feature that remains the same is lighting. The lighting really accentuates the look, with large french windows being a trademark feature, allowing natural light to flood into the room. So, invest in some warm ambient lighting and unique looking pendants for a perfect Scandi setting. 

What makes this design composition so fabulous, is that the design possibilities are endless. 

Whichever Scandinavian style you choose, contemporary or rustic – you can be certain that its effortless functionality will allow you to change styles further down the line. 

For more information on how to achieve a Scandinavian style just for you, contact French Furniture Fittings for all your kitchen cabinet handle needs! 

Call us on 01380 590 690 today!

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