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Give your kitchen a new lease of life

A kitchen is a wonderful thing. The most important room in the house, the heart of operations, the engine…it’s also perhaps the room that gets the most use and takes the most damage. A new kitchen might even be the thing that most makes a house look “new”. However it’s not something that most of us can afford to have very often. Replacing the kitchen units is, however you do it, a very expensive exercise, with costs beginning in the thousands and spiralling upwards from there. That’s not to mention that while work is ongoing, there is nowhere to prepare your food, nowhere to eat and nowhere to store things.
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There is however another way. Without involving power tools, sawdust, plastic sheeting or the rest, you can give your kitchen an almost effortless makeover with the application of new fittings. New handles or knobs on your cabinets or cupboards will give the units a whole new look, and you can evoke a whole new style of kitchen without lifting a hammer, saw or drill.

Find a Consistent Style

You don’t need to install a new kitchen suite to have everything looking fresh. New fittings in a new style and a coat of paint, and the whole room can look as new. Change your finish and the whole place can seem transformed. For example, the sleek look of our Bordeaux Collection with its rustic but luxurious finish can give your room an understated elegance, or try the tasteful and discreet Malvern Collection for a lower profile finish. It gives you the option for a totally bespoke look at a fraction of the cost. It also allows you to spend some time employed as chief designer and artistic director! We truly believe details matter, and paying attention to them will result in a beautiful effect.
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Fall in Love With Variety

Our MKN Knob Collection is designed to give your kitchen units a bit of variety. With the wide array of vintage-inspired, intricate designs, they can give a classy and bespoke touch to any piece of furniture. The huge range of detailing, made from beaten brass and copper, will give even the most modern furniture a bit of vintage presence and style. Furthermore, the hand finished appearance means even cheaper units get luxury detailing – a sure sign of quality and of attention to detail.
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Super Ceramics

For that classic Mediterranean feel, our Ceramic Range knobs evoke whitewashed villages and terracotta terraces, and can help to give your kitchen a sunny and light feel. Perfect for brightening up dark wood, or for finishing off light or pastel colours perfectly. If you’re a fan of vintage touches and personalised effects, this range will look as if you’ve carefully sourced them on your travels yourself!
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Quality Fittings

Whatever material you choose, and in whatever style, you can be absolutely sure that the fixtures are of the utmost quality. While it’s a cheaper way of doing things, it certainly doesn’t mean you’re losing out, either on quality or on finish. So long as you have one eye on what you’re trying to achieve stylistically, and are prepared to put in the time to choose carefully, your kitchen can look showroom-new with the addition of just a few details. Have a look through our range of handles, knobs and fittings, and you’re bound to find that small detail that makes the big difference.

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