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Finishes for Every Purpose

Give your kitchen a premium, bespoke look with our range of finishes

Versatility is what we do here! Our range of finishes gives you endless options to tweak and perfect your home to your preferred spec. Aiming for an aged, rustic kitchen? There’s a handle for that. Want to give your furniture a futuristic feel? There’s a handle for that too. Need to breathe new life into some tired all pieces of furniture? Yes, there’s also a handle for that! Whatever your task and whatever your preferences, you can customise to your heart’s content with our range.

Ceramic Knobs and Hooks 1

Ceramics and Glazes

Perfect for a rustic Mediterranean finish, or that narrowboat country-cosy feel, our ceramic handles bring a homespun, folksy atmosphere to any home. Try the classic blue and white floral design, hand made and hand painted, for a look that transcends fashion.

For a more reserved and sober appearance, this set of grey crackle-glazed handles combines the rustic with the luxurious. The versatile colourway and weathered finish means they fit with brand new units just as well as upcycled pieces.


Athena Kitchen Cabinet Knob Matt Antique Brass finish 5 Custom

Glistening Gold

Gold and brass finishes can really elevate the finish of your furniture. What’s more, they needn’t come with a golden price tag to look the part! As an example, our Provence handles in solid brass are a high class touch to both vintage and modern pieces throughout your home. 

The Calgary collection is another design that makes the best of the gold finish, with  the smooth, sleek curves ensuring timeless elegance and subtlety.

(But don’t worry – if gold just isn’t to your taste, this range is available in a host of other finishes too…)

Georgia Collection

Industrial Chic

Bare and burnished metal can give you a robust, utilitarian vibe that just begs to be used. If you want that professional appearance, nothing beats bare metal. However it can also be used for more subtle touches with the right eye.

For example, a T-bar handle, available in polished chrome or brushed satin nickel, offers a simple and clutter-free design to keep lines clean and auras calm. Perfect for us as kitchen handles, or on wardrobes and more.

darbyholmes surrey 2

Vintage Patinas

Shiny, new and gleaming isn’t always the right thing to do, design-wise. Adding some vintage-look fitments to your furniture might be more period-appropriate, or might give some lacklustre furniture some much-needed character. 

This antique drop handle is made with techniques dating back to the 17th century, and forms part of our historic Bronzes de France collection. If you simply love classic looks and vintage pieces, you’ll find your heart’s desire here. For an alternative, try our Brittany kitchen handles, which offer a more contemporary aesthetic with the same burnished, reliced finish.

Layon Cabinet Handles and Knobs Collection (Custom)

Layon Cabinet Handles and Knobs Collection (Custom)

Endless Variation 

Such is the beauty of picking out your own hardware – there is almost no variation that you can’t make work with the right eye. Our range makes it easy for you to be the interior designer, making your project just “so” with personalised touches. This extends to style, finish and material, even providing an aesthetic touchpoint for the entire room. 

So, if you’re short of inspiration for your next masterpiece, why not browse our range and find something to inspire? 

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